Farming revolution in Poland

climate farming activists hold banner

Nearly a quarter of global emissions come from mass-scale factory farming. [1] This model hurts farmers from small communities, the planet, and our health.

We brought together activists and farmers for a common goal: to save our planet and stop climate change.

Farmers in Poland are showing that there are alternative ways to farm. But they were lacking the support from the wider climate movement. To bridge this gap, the WeMove Europe community chipped in to start a grassroots network that connects farmers with climate activists. [2]

The network provides training to help farmers and activists understand and discuss their shared struggles. As a result, we have organised joint discussions and protests with farmers and climate activists, and published a handbook with practical information on how to farm more sustainably. [3]

The Polish government often blocks climate-friendly plans and prioritises the interests of corporations over the needs of the people.

In a few months this initiative will become independent from WeMove Europe.



[2] The network helps both groups understand each others’ priorities and different perspectives; once common ground is laid out, they can start to support each other. To learn more about it visit and

[3] Some of those discussions were recorded as webinars (in Polish), and most are now written up in a wonderful handbook (available in English and Polish).

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