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At the centre of what we do are two key beliefs: that people hold the power to drive change, and that the Europe we live in today needs real, deep-rooted transformation so that its politics reflect the needs of people and planet rather than corporations and profit.

When we all take action together we create something bigger than ourselves. It could start with something simple: signing a petition, making a donation, sending an email to a local politician. These individual acts, taken by thousands of people across Europe, unite to build momentum and create real political change. That is when politicians start listening to us, when big business feels the pressure, when hope becomes a reality. And when we become unstoppable!

We are creating connections between people in Europe, building a community based on solidarity and trust that knows no borders – no matter what country you come from, background you have, lifestyle you live. When we move together, a Europe that puts people and planet first becomes possible.


Our vision

Right now, the world is in crisis. But with our help, that can all change.

our vision

Our Vision for Europe

WeMove Europe is an independent organisation. We are not affiliated with any corporations, governments, or state institutions. We are led by our community: over 700.000 people who take action with us to transform Europe into a place that’s better for us all. Our work is based on the values of equality, sustainability and democracy.

But these values are severely lacking in our political leadership.

Right now, the world is in crisis. Our political system has served the elite and maximised profit for too long, and now we’re seeing devastating effects on our environment, our economy, our democracy, and our everyday lives.

There is a disconnect between how decisions are made in practice and the often-stated values of the EU: respect for human dignity and rights, freedom, democracy, equality, rule of law, pluralism, non-discrimination, tolerance, justice and solidarity.

In Europe today, refugees are violently turned away at our borders, nature is destroyed for profit, human rights are abused, the climate disaster is ignored. Our leaders have an unhealthy obsession with economic growth, ignoring the consequences on us and our planet. Power is held by the few, who profit from polluting the planet and exploiting people. Hierarchy and corporate influence weaken our legislation and legal protections.

That’s because the systems that are currently in place are built that way, to benefit the rich and powerful. But with your help, that can all change.

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Where we work

  • → Over 700,000 Europeans
  • → Staff in 9 countries
  • → Hundreds of partners throughout Europe

Over 700.000 Europeans from across the continent make up this community – from countries both inside and outside the EU. Our campaigners are rooted in the local realities of their countries and connect with colleagues to bring forward impactful campaigns with partners locally and elsewhere across Europe.

While many of our campaigns target politicians and institutions associated with the European Union, others target decision makers beyond the EU – like the Council of Europe or the European Patent Office, or indeed corporations and national decision makers in Europe. Transnational people power can often pressure these decision makers to act.

How we work

Towards a Europe for the common good

The European Union was established to foster greater cooperation between EU countries, improving life for all of us. EU laws and rules have led to the adoption of high environmental and social standards. But over time, corporate influence has taken root, and our governments and the EU institutions are not listening to people.

As Europeans, we share many similar concerns with our neighbours, both in our hometowns and across the continent. Working conditions, housing, climate change, and human rights concern us all, and our leaders are responsible for meeting these concerns.

People power

bubbles-community-more-left.jpgWe know that action needs to happen now. Every day of delay leaves people behind and costs us our environment and our future. When we move together, a Europe that puts people and the planet first becomes possible. WeMove Europe runs campaigns that put people at the heart of change. Our own individual acts, when put together, create something bigger than we can ever achieve alone.

Campaigning to transform

Our campaigns focus on the most critical issues of our time, where the power of our community can make all the difference. Whether we’re reacting to headlines, building strength with our partners, or following up on community interests from surveys, we select campaigns to balance a range of criteria:

  • The campaign addresses the root causes of problems rather than the symptoms.

  • The campaign offers an opportunity to achieve long-term change instead of just patching problems with minor reforms.

  • The campaign can deliver effective wins along the road to a bigger vision of change.

  • Our community can uniquely contribute to complement the talents of other changemakers.

  • The campaign offers chances for people from all backgrounds to take action and our community supports it.

  • The campaign builds European cross-border solidarity.

Building alliances

WeMove Europe's power is in its community, made up of people who want to see a better Europe for all. Our community includes people from all walks of life who call Europe their home – no matter where we were born.

WeMove Europe collaborates with partner organisations and movements that build on each other's strengths. Our campaign partners may work deeply in one particular country, have substantial experience organising demonstrations and offline actions, or conduct detailed policy research that our community can complement with cross-European mobilisation.


It was time for us, as Europeans, to make our voices heard together.

Our community was formed in 2015, around the time that people from Syria - desperate for safety - risked everything to cross the Mediterranean. At that time, cracks in European decision making were starting to show when it came to migration. The EU’s inhumane treatment of people desperately seeking safety did not fit with the will of people in Europe to help them.

This crisis and the political response to it showed how far the EU had strayed from the ideals on which it was founded: human dignity, human rights, rule of law.

When we started, our aim was to have influence on European politics. Even though EU policies have a huge effect on our everyday lives, citizens’ voices were often missing from the debate. It was time for us, as Europeans, to make our voices heard together.

WeMove Europe’s early campaigns focused on the most contentious issues of the day, be it reauthorisation of killer pesticide glyphosate or the way the EU mistreated people on the move and those of us that dared to help.At first, we only communicated in German, English, French, Spanish and Italian. We now also communicate in Polish, and Dutch.By investing in the technology and skills necessary, our community has been able to amplify the voices of Europeans and have political impact in Brussels and beyond with targeted and powerful actions.


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