Three campaigns, three wins

May 6, 2024

Poster displayed in front of the EU Commission

By Aleksandra Zielinska

Big news: against all odds, we've secured three massive victories last week. Each of these is tied to campaigns this community has been rallying behind. The unwavering support of this community made it all possible. Dive into the stories of what we helped achieve together:

A win for a planet clean from plastic pellets The recent plastic pellet dump in Galicia showed us how dangerous this pollution can be. Over 90,000 of us signed a petition to hold these polluters accountable. [1] And our voices were heard! Members of the European Parliament voted on new rules to crack down on toxic pellet pollution. We’ve helped protect our planet and our communities, like those in Galicia.

Report back End plastic poll.jpg

A win for the safety of women and girls Frontline activists, survivors, and our community's dedication have made history! Over 140,000 of us signed a petition calling for change. We took our voices straight to politicians and made our voices heard through protests in cities like Brussels, Berlin, and Paris. Now, the European Union has passed the first-ever EU law to fight violence against women and domestic violence. [2] It's a huge win, thanks to people of this community who have campaigned tirelessly for years to make Europe safer for everyone.

Report back women directive.jpg

A win for a greener and fairer future

A toxic fossil fuel treaty has given fossil fuel giants a free pass to protect their profits and sue our governments when they take action to protect our planet from the climate crisis. But together, we've put an end to it in Europe. From fun flash mobs to your emails and tweets, our collective efforts are making a real difference. This community has pushed major countries to leave the treaty and now got the European Parliament on board. The European Parliament's vote to pull out of this toxic treaty is a game-changer. [3] We're closer than ever to breaking free from big polluters.

Report back Exit ect.jpg

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